Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Part 6

Here are some new pictures of Fancy's hooves. She is the horse involved in the horse trailer accident. (see earlier posts). Her hoof is coming along really well. Lisa is doing all the things that I would be doing to help Fancy's hoof heal. Yes, there will likely be a permanent blemish, but probably nothing that will keep her from being ridden. And at that point, may professionals will say, that horse will need shoes to keep the hoof together. Wrong! The hoof will do a nice job of taking care of itself if we don't add outside support.

What happens when you artificially support living tissue indefinitely? It loses it's ability to support itself.

Fancy's owner, Lisa:

These photos were taken on May 12th.
When I change the bandage I massage the coronet band with bag balm. The hoof is growing in nicely but there is going to be a real lump/crease in the hoof from the stress of the
injury. The red tissue is stained from the scarlet oil the vet used - it
leaves a nice line to measure growth!

I've been gently rasping off excess tissue on the side as things grow, I
swear it changes every day. You can see here where it looks like the cornet
band is growing back above the wound. I hope this isn't wishful thinking.

The sole is getting chalky and the frog is starting to loosen. It's to be expected since she isn't getting much exercise and it's part of the healing process.

I ripped apart one of my Old Mac boots that was falling apart. I am going
to make my own rehab boot because I just can't see spending that much money
on something when I already have materials to work with. Boot, neoprene,
Velcro and a brain... I will send some photos in when finished!

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